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Vocab, Thinking Maps, and Dabbleboard (Oh, My)

I was looking for a new way to approach vocabulary. I teach Greek and Latin roots, but was having trouble finding a way to show how the morphemes are able to manipulate words. (Up to now, there were more lists to be memorized.) Our reading specialist recommended the Circle Map since she knew I was going to be trying Thinking Maps this year. (Not selling them; my school bought the handbook.)

The morpheme we are studying goes in the middle. Words created using the morpheme go in the circle and manipulated or connecting words go in the frame. See:

We do one morpheme a week with one map for each morpheme. At the end of the day, I combine all the maps into one, take a screenshot using Jing, and post the link online for student review.

I think it might work. Will let you know.


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