New Year, New Goals

Today is the first day back to school. While I still wish summer were a little longer (that feeling intensified the day I had kids), there is still an excitement about the first day of school. Before I listened to all the new policies and procedures and begin the manual labor of getting the classroom ready, I thought I would take a minute to get my thoughts together and list the things I wanted to accomplish in my class this year. (Here’s last year’s list which I came no where near to finishing.)

  1. Start student blogging, at least with advanced kids with the hope of extending in to all classes by next year.
  2. Practice Backward Design by putting the lessons I want students to learn at the forefront of planning.
  3. Organize the class around guiding/essential questions both on the large-scale and the small one.
  4. Provide and use an online place for regular book discussions.
  5. Maintain a class blog and/or podcast.
  6. Find a way to publish both a newspaper and literary magazine for free.
  7. Maintain a positive attitude no matter what my situation is.

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