Brain Rules

My first venture into my summer PD reading is a Brain Rules by John Medina. Chapter one deals with the importance of excercise. Rather than repeat all the findings here (you can get the book or check out the website), I want to talk about what’s bugging me about that chapter…

In many ways, this issue is out of my hands.

I’m not in charge of PE. Lucky for me, the state of Florida requires that all kids take PE and few wavers are given for this requirement, so I have a little bit of leeway with this “rule.” But it still begs the question, “Can I incorporate physical activity into a forty-five minute Language Arts class?” Is it even a possibility?


  • Have more station activities where kids are moving from place to place a few times during class. (These are very time-consuming to plan and I tend to avoid them.)
  • Have movement breaks during the period.
  • Let kids move as they see fit during class as long as they aren’t disrupting others. (I already do this really, and it’s not really exercise but it’s better than nothing.)
  • Start class with exercises.

Any other idea?


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  1. Heather,

    I understand schools in Japan start the morning with a ten-minute stretching/exercising program called Taiso.

    I’m currently providing tech support to teachers and staff in my district, so I don’t have my own classroom. But during my last 3 years as a 5th grade teacher, I teamed with a 4th and 6th grade teachers for our own version of Taiso. Starting the day out on the playground for 10 minutes of exercise really helped our students – and us – get a jump start on the day!

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