Book Trailers

I’ve been exposed to an amazing new project idea…book trailers. I know the idea isn’t new; teachers have been doing this type of project for years through posters, signs, cereal boxes, etc. But recently I saw a few really well done videos for books. A quick search on YouTube will return some well-done student projects as well.

Two uses…

  1. To introduce books…which is the real purpose of them anyway, but instead of me doing a book talk, some one else can do it. The addition of music and video will attract some of my students who don’t classify themselves as readers.
  2. As model projects. Can you imagine showing student made book trailers on the morning announcements? (note to self…send links to the super awesome media specialist at our school)

Some good examples:

The last link was found at Chick Lit Teens, the newest blog in my reader.


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