Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

I banned myself from doing schoolwork for the month of June. (For the seven faithful readers of my blog, this is why there have been no updates in a while).

I have an obsessive personality. This is not good for a teacher on summer break since I tend to think about school a good portion of the time. About two weeks after school was out, I was in a meeting when an issue came up from the past school year. I could feel the same emotions rising in me as did when the issue first came up. I was transported from the relaxing days of summer straight back to the high stress days in the middle of the year.

The lesson…RELAX!. So I entered into the non-school phase. I did no reading about teaching -not even blogs unless I thought they were interesting beyond education. I did no writing about education. And unless the district paid for it, I did no thinking about teaching.

OK…I thought about it, but beyond making an entry into Evernote, I let it go at that. A thought without action.

But it is now July, and it’s time to ease into the PD mode of summer. On my list of things to get done…

  • Read “Understanding By Design.”
  • Research Essential Questions
  • Research possible newspaper and lit magazine options
  • Continue reading as many books as possible for school (reading isn’t work, so I’ve been doing LOTS of that.)

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