I used to do this activity where each kid or group would start a story. Then after about five minutes, I would call time and everyone would pass to the right. The new authors had to read what came before them then add to the story. I combined close reading and writing and the kids loved it. I stopped doing it for two reasons:

  1. There was always one kid who would ignore the rest of the story and just write something strange. It was almost always a boy and he did it to be funny, thus ruining multiple stories for his own amusement.
  2. Forty-five minute classes are really short and this is a long activity.

But I just found this site, Storybird. I bet I could do that same activity using that site. Plus the limited writing space can allow me to focus each entry on a specific element of plot.

I’m thinking I could also use it to help student write and illustrate poetry. See this book for an example of what I mean: Take Me Away by ele_202 on Storybird

Plus,  it would be a great tool for my two daughters, allowing them to choose pictures and text while I type. They can write stories to their cousins and grandparents.

Lots of ideas, but I haven’t used it yet…anyone have a feedback on it?

Storybird Quick Tour from Storybird on Vimeo.


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