Still in Transition

In addition to failing in my goal to integrate poetry into my daily lessons, I am also failing on my goal in integrate grammar into my daily lessons. That means we are in the midst of grammar boot camp for the two weeks before Spring Break. Sigh…

I hear you, I hear you…grammar taught out of context is useless (mostly) and skill and drill is proven to be ineffective. Well, I don’t teach completely out of context (it always goes back to being a better writer), and I never do skill and drill. In fact, I had a student yesterday tell me the Post-it note lesson on subject and predicate was fun, and since we’re moving swiftly enough through the unit, most students aren’t bored. Really, they’re not.

My concern is that I am making it a separate thing, just like I am making poetry a separate thing. I am treating Language Arts like a series of parts instead of a whole. Reading, writing, grammar, listing, speaking…they are are important and all connected. I should to reflect that in my teaching. No, I need to reflect that in my teaching.

But that’s why I named my blog “Teacher in Transition.” I know that units tied around a skill are old school….effective in the short-term, but forgotten in the long-term. But I am busy with work and kids. I am stressed over how well my students did on the test.  But mostly it is two weeks to Spring Break and I am tired. Really, really tired. When overworked, stressed and tired, we revert to what we are used to.

So I’ve gone backwards.  But that’s Ok; I’m still in transition, and tomorrow (or at least the tomorrow after Spring Break) will be better.


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