The Big Plan

I’ve been working on a plan for next year. I hate saying next year since I’m still working on a plan for the last quarter of this year, but I the new plan is a big plan and most of the last quarter of school it taken up by a required unit anyway.

I’ve been thinking about Essential Questions. I’ve been thinking of Project Based Learning and Inquiry Based Learning. I’ve been thinking of students’ passions and outside learning. I’ve been thinking about edtech. I’ve been thinking of real world writing and reading. But mostly I’ve been thinking of how to do it all…at the same time.

I think what I’m going to do next year is have one question per quarter. Then we will read to see how others have answered the question and write about what we have read. Then each quarter each student will have to complete a project answering the question for themselves.

My Questions:

  1. What is your story?
  2. What is your passion?
  3. How do you succeed?
  4. What does it matter? (not sure about this one)

We will focus on key skills each quarter. 1. Biography, genre, character and plot, memoir writing, digital footprint. 2. Expository/Persuasive writing, conflict and resolution, research skills. Still working on 3 and 4.

I’ve been loving Evernote, since whenever I see or hear something that works for a given question, I’ve been recording it. I have a file for each of these units as well as a general “For next year” note.

Anyhoo…that’s as far as I’ve gotten. Any thoughts?


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