Minding the Store

I have to take a week off next week. Can’t be helped. Of course that means I have a ton of work to get done this week. So I brought the kids into work tonight.

This is what bringing the kids to work is like:

  • Arrive at 4:30, 15 minutes after the bell rings.
  • Give kids a snack (french fries) while I print out recent data reports.
  • Stop printing to divide fries into two cups since sharing is difficult.
  • Start correlating data for data board.
  • Stop correlating to see why kids are washing out fry box in classroom sink.
  • Continue correlating since fry box seems to be clean enough.
  • Take ten minutes to walk down hallway to data boards (lockers make cool noises).
  • Start moving magnets on data board.
  • Stop moving magnets to yell at kids to not move other people’s magnets.
  • Repeat magnet moving-stop and yell-magnet moving cycle until kids decide to see what under the boardroom table.
  • Come close to finishing magnet task when kids start throwing pencils at each other.
  • Break up pencil fight, continue with magnets while kids play tag.
  • Return to classroom quickly (coworker offered lollipops as a bribe).
  • Start imputing test grades.
  • Tell child 1 to turn light back on.
  • Continue inputting grades.
  • Tell child 1 to turn light back on.
  • Continue inputting grades.
  • Tell child 1 to turn light back on.
  • Tell child 2 to turn light back on when child 1 points out that it isn’t her this time.
  • Continue inputting grades.
  • Rush out of classroom to capture escaped child.
  • Give up hope of accomplishing anything else and go home.

Tomorrow, they come again. Sigh…


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