Further Musings on My First Tech Conference

Recently I attended my first ed tech conference. I was extremely excited. I LOVE conferences not just for what I learn, but for the people I meet and the excitement surrounding them. Plus you get free stuff.

So when the opportunity to attend FETC came around, I jumped at it. Since I am fairly new to edtech (my conversion tool place at the beginning of last year), I was looking forward to meeting lots of people who used it far more effectively than I. I was interested in hearing sessions from people who had moved beyond the project phase and into the process phase-edtech as part of the landscape not as a special event.

What I got was a bunch of links. Good links to be sure, but still just links. Many of them I had already heard of through sources like Classroom 2.0, English Companion Ning and Twitter. I did get more detail on how they did their projects, but still just projects. I can come up with a project; I’ve been doing it for years.

Instead of answers, I left with questions. Am I farther along than I thought, or do I expect too much from edtech? Are conferences the place to find how to incorporate tech seamlessly or do I find it by trial and error? Do I avoid these conferences as a waste of time or did I just have bad luck in choosing the sessions I went to? Or do I teach myself the stuff I wanted to learn then apply to present next year? Should I just be happy with a cool project?

The good news is I met a lot of nice people to add to my PLN and finally met some of my Twitter friends in the flesh. Plus, I got lots of free stuff. Pens mainly, but really nice ones.


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