So You Want to Present at a Tech Conference…

I think my time is important. Really, I do. So I get a little miffed when people waste it. Recently I attended the Florida Tech Conference some of of the sessions were good; some not so good. The good ones inspire me. During the bad ones I write blog posts. So in an effort to improve tech conferences everywhere (and to cut down on random blogging); I offer the following tips.

1. List your project properly. If your topic is for elementary teachers, please don’t say seconday too. Middle school teachers really hate this. If you’re going to show LOTS of tools, show more than two or three.

2. If I’m at a tech conference, I’m sold on the idea that tech is useful. Don’t waste time trying to convince me.

3. Do more than give links. This could go back to me having to buy own ticket, but I can follow the conference on Twitter and get the links for free. Show me how you incorporate them in your class. Show me the big picture, not just a piece.

4. Examples are good, but don’t make your session one big example unless you have listed it that way in the program and there are a lot of lessons that can be learned from it. Otherwise you’re just giving a session on how wonderful you are instead of showing us how wonderful we all could be.

5. Prepare for the internet going down. No one wants to hear you say what you would have shown us. Or worse, watching you waste time trying figure out what went wrong. I met someone here who made screen shots of everything he wanted to show just in case. Love him.

6. For the love of God, don’t read the Power Point!


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