The Gig Is Up

I’m about to be found out. By tomorrow (or maybe Thursday), people are going to know I’m not who I pretend to be.

Tomorrow I’m going to FETC. I am going to a state conference that  deals with ways to merge technology into the school curriculum at a variety of levels. I will be listening to people likeHall Davidson speak. I will attend sessions on how use blogs effectively in class and how to set assignments up so they are accessible on an I-phone.

And I will be taking notes in a notebook.

No, not the kind that has internet access; the kind with a big spiral running down the spine. That’s right. I don’t own a laptop. I did at one point, but I think my kids poured milk in it, and because I’m the kind of person that thinks if I pay more than $200 for something, it should be able to stand up to milk, I haven’t replaced it.

I’m also the kind of person that likes book that come with pages. Real pages that you can dog-ear and flip through. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t get why you have to restart a computer after you install software. You don’t turn off an oven and start over when you add more ingredients to the pot, do you? I’m the kind of person who hate cables. Don’t ask for a S cable; just tell me how many prongy things it has and whether the end is square or rectangle. I’ve probably lost it anyway.  I’m the kind of person who usually just clicks accept because I know I wouldn’t understand whatever the little box had written in it anyway.

Tomorrow, I’m going to hang out with people who do more than just play with technology. They actually make it work for them. They not only know what app to download, but are already looking for something better. They talk about a paperless class room as if it were a possibility today. They talk about computers as if they were a human right.

Me? I just got an I-touch today, and am already arguing with I-tunes because I somehow screwed up synching. I also don’t know if there is supposed to be a dash after the I in I-anything, but Wonder Pets is about over so I don’t have time to look.

The good news is most of my digital friends seem like nice people. They seem the kind of people who will take me in and offer advice. They seem like the kind of people who like to hang out with people who like to learn.

I hope they’re not the kind that point and laugh at the girl with the book bag  and spiral-bound notebook.



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3 responses to “The Gig Is Up

  1. I love paper and a good Pilot G2 sometimes. But, I do own a netbook. =)

  2. I love your book bag. Too cute!

    Even though I’ve had a laptop for 6 years or so, I take most of my notes on paper. I prefer looseleaf. Some comfort that you’re not alone.

    Hope the conference is going well and that you’re having a wonderful time learning and sharing ideas!

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