Sound Like a Good Idea?

I am a project type teacher. Over the past few years, I have spent hours typing up detailed instructions for students (and parents) on how to complete the thoughtfully designed projects that I had prepared for them. It’s a lot of work designing a good project, let me tell you, and I have recieved many complements on what my students have done when they read my instructions carefully and created something exactly the way I told them to. My projects are good.

But they shouldn’t be my projects…they should be my students’.

So for the last project of the semester, I am trying something new. I am giving students a list of topics, a list of project ideas and a list of skills they need to demonstrate. I offered extra credit if students picked the more in depth topics, but the choice is up to them. That’s all the instruction I’m giving them. I thought this was a great idea…

then I typed it up.

Is it possible to give students limited instructions and still have them turn out high quality work? Will parents be accepting of this type of project? It sounded like a good idea when I was only thinking it, but now that it’s typed up and I’m getting ready to assign it, I’m not so sure. We’ll see how the students respond tomorrow.


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