It’s Saturday morning and my kids are finally giving me a break so I hop onto Twitter to see what all of those enlightened, impassioned people are doing at NCTE this year.  @msstewart posted a link to site that @samandjt reminded her to use in her presentation. Her presentation in Philidelphia…nowhere near the coast of Florida where I sit dreaming I was there.

The site is Spell created by @kastner. You type in a word, hit the spell button and it will  find letters on Flickr to spell your work. So I typed in “read”, copied the code and posted it the sidebar of my blog and composed  this entry. Ten minutes tops…and most of that was me typing. Cool, huh?

I’m moving at Twitterspeed, now!


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  1. Hi, Heather,
    How cool is Spell? Like digital collage with letters. I like it. I could see using it for presentations or to make headlines. I bet the kids would enjoy exploring it as a design tool. Neat. Thank you for sharing.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Lee Ann

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