Dirty Little Secret

 I have a confession. I may keep a blog, but I don’t have a computer.

Well, I have a computer..a couple of them actually. I have three broken laptops and a broken desktop. The only one I have that works is an old HP that periodically stops for no reason. Sometimes it starts again. Sometimes I give up.

My husband says it needs to be restarted…but I don’t know how to do that. So I wait until he gets around to it. He doesn’t have a blog to keep up with, though.

I do have an I-pod. A nano that was a hand-me-down. It works, but there are no apps to get, no nifty functions that make my life easier. No, there is one thing it does…plays Elmo and Laurie Berkner over and over again for my kids in the car. That, at least, makes the drive to school easier.

What’s worse is I don’t even sit at a desk to work on my computer. We have a desk in our office (really the formal living room, but who uses a formal living room any more?). However, the builders didn’t think that we would need cable in the office (formal living room) and the wireless set up on the old computer is also broken. So I sit on the floor of my bedroom, staring up at the monitor on the night stand. Apparently bedrooms do require cable.

Seriously, if my kids knew this, would they even trust me to teach them?


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