The Teacher/Parent See-Saw

I know that being a parent has made me a better teacher.

I am more compassionate towards my students since I have a daughter that I hope people are compassionate towards. Especially since she pulled the fire alarm at her preschool. I am more concerned about creating lessons that my students not only learn from, but enjoy, since I have two girls that love learning now and I don’t want them to ever lose that. I more tolerant of parents since I know now the job isn’t as easy as I once thought. Most of the advice I gave to parents over the years certainly hasn’t worked on my kids. But mostly I want to be the teacher I want my kids to get.

I am not so sure that being a teacher has made me a better parent, though.

I have so much patience during the school day for students, that I seem to have very little left over when I get home. Patience is a requirement when raising preschoolers, and I’ve heard it doesn’t change as they get older. I am so tired of repeating myself period after period to students whose first question is always, “What are we supposed to do?” that I get easily irritated when one of my daughters conveniently ignores me when I tell her it’s time to go or clean up. I am so concerned with giving my students my complete attention at work that I leave myself no time for planning and grading. Then I have to take it either from the time I spend with my children or the time I sleep thereby worsening the whole patience thing.

I want to be good at both.

I know that it must be possible, but I just can’t seem to find the balance; the fulcrum keeps moving. Some days I am the better parent and falling behind as a teacher; others I am a better teacher but missing my kids in the process. I am always at the top of the see-saw waiting for the big drop. Here’s hoping the landing won’t be too hard on my behind.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this on Twitter. Very thoughtful post. I included it in my post on the topic:

    Glad to have found your blog!!

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