Where Has the Time Gone?

Ohh….I had so many ideas for this year. I was going to organize reading around a big question. I was going to implement project based learning. I was going to try a Socratic seminar at least once every other week.

But what I have really done is throw some new buzz words into a typical, traditional Language Arts class.

The problem with all the things I want to implement is time. Time to find multiple articles around the big questions. Time to design more in-depth projects that still have flexibility. Time to assess each student individually. Time to find one good article with many entry points and at a reading level that all my class can handle. Time….and time is something I just don’t have.  Where I have started something new, it has either failed for lack of planing or succeeded but other things suffered because of the time I put into it. This is especially true since I had to pick up an extra class and lost a planning period. I get paid for this and it was my choice, but it still makes it harder.

What I need to do is take a breather and reexamine where I am taking my class. But to do that I need…TIME.

I am feeling like this is a lost cause right now. That maybe I should give up and go back to the textbook.  Hopefully by getting my fears out on paper (or computer screen), I can let them go. Right now, though, I don’t have any more time to write.


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One response to “Where Has the Time Gone?

  1. mrsfollis2

    Time is so elusive to teachers. I think it sounds like you are off to a great year!

    And if you find the answer about how to have high quality lessons, quick feedback (grading), and maintain all the other things that teachers must keep track of… plus live life, I’d love to hear the answer! 🙂 I tend to think it just takes year after year of tweaking and improving plans to get it where you want it. (Though I don’t think good teachers are ever truly satisfied.)

    I hope you are having a great week! Thanks for posting!

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