Week in Review

This is the first week this year where I stopped feeling like summer was over. Now I feel like I am fully entrenched in school. Not that I was missing summer, although if we’re being honest, who doesn’t miss summer. It’s that I was having a hard time getting back into the school groove. I am trying so many new things and having too many new things thrown at me. I felt like record keeping was my primary goal and data my only mission. But despite all of that, this week I feel like a teacher again…a good teacher.

What happened this week?

1. I had a teacher call me a rock star. She teaches 9th at the high school my students move up to and said that she keeps hearing my name: “Ms. Mason taught us that. We did that in Ms. Mason’s room.”

2. Presented two sessions at the local conference. Teachers actually came up to ask my advice afterwards and emailed me for further information. I got a few new ideas, too. (And I finally found the answer to class blogging…YES!)

3. Created a lesson that my worst class actually liked. We made Power Point presentations on Open Office. I guess if it’s Open Office, it probably isn’t Power Point, though. Still it was easy to use and the kids were willing to work on it. Progress being made.

4. @iMrsF recommended me for Follow Friday on Twitter. Been feeling a little whiney and negative on the site lately. Glad to know that someone still likes me.

5. Daughter pulled the fire alarm at her preschool. This doesn’t really fit with the theme of the list, but it gave me a great story to tell. I love it when I have a good story.

So yeah…I’m a teacher again…and a very apologetic parent.


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