Yesterday I wrote about my victory with the class that I am struggling with. Today, I had a sudden realization that I failed a kid in the same class. He was leaving for a cruise and asked to take the novel we were reading with him. I had already checked out a few, a few others had gone missing, and I was running low on this particular novel. I apologized and said no, I needed the rest so I would have enough for his class to read.

What I forgot was that he was part of the class reading the book. We would be short one book, but we would also be short one student. This kid hates my class; he tells me so on a regular basis. The one day he reaches out to me, I tell him no. Even if he lost the book, wouldn’t it have been better to have shown him that I trusted him with it in the first place? Let him have the opportunity to read it? If I value reading, I need to put the books in their hands whenever possible.

I have a week to decide what my next step is. In the meantime, I hope he likes his cruise.


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