The Reading Load

I teach Language Arts, therefore I read.

I read five books this summer in order to improve my practice: Grown Up Digital (interesting, but not mind blowing), Readicide (a must read for all LA teachers), Mechanically Inclined (changing how I teach grammar because of it), The Book Whisper (some good advice) and The Differentiated Classroom (another must read). I also read two books just for me: My Life in France and Julie and Julia. I was on a Julia Child kick. This is in addition to the bedtime stories, magazine articles and blogs I read regularly, of course.

I was feeling pretty good at the end of summer. Two weeks back to school and I realize how little I have really read. Here is my reading load at the moment:

  • Finish Marzano’s Classrooms Instruction that Works.
  • Finish Peak
  • Reread Tangerine in preparation for class by Monday
  • Scour internet reading news articles for connections to the last two books
  • Finish reading Adolescent Literacy (bought it at NCTE last November)
  • Read When Kids Can’t Read (it’s been on my shelf for over a year now)
  • Find and read Here Comes Everybody (it came free with an order)
  • Read The Energy to Teach (I think I may need the advice this year)
  • Read a few books off this list in preparation for the unit on slavery after break.
  • Try to get through some of the Sunshine State Readers.
  • Read the five books that the company I write reviews for sent me
  • Read the 240 blogs postings in my reader (or at least skim through most of them)
  • Read a few recommended blogs that aren’t in my reader
  • Read at least two books a day to my daughters
  • Try to read the third book they beg for without yawning.

Oh yeah, did I mention that I have virtually no free time? I still have to plan lessons, grade papers, attend meetings, clothe and feed said daughters, shop for groceries, cook dinner and clean up the rubble after the girls go to bed. Sometimes I even like to sleep, but I try not to let that slow me down.

What’s a literature loving Language Arts teacher to do? Sigh.


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