Wordle, Wordle, Wordle

Standards Wordle

(From http://www.wordle.net/)

This is my Wordle. It represents two things. First, and most obviously, it represents the state standards I have to cover. I thought about taking the word “use” out since it is so big, but really as Language Arts teachers, we are teaching kids different tools and techniques and helping them find ways to use them on their own. “Use” stays in.

Second, this represents the first time I have implemented a techy tool, had a problem, and used a second tool as a solution. Woo-Hoo! We have web pages assigned to us in our district. After learning about Wordles last year, I thought having one as the main picture on my website would be a good way to start the year. I’ll replace it with more meaningful pictures as I get to know the class.

Problem-our web pages are formatted. When I created the Wordle, I thought it would give me a pretty picture that I could then save and upload. Instead it gave me code. Really…what is someone like me going to do with code? I diligently copied it and opened up my Edline account. However, apparently Edline also thinks, “What is someone like her going to do with code?” Yup, no space for code. (If any techy types from my district are reading this, feel free to correct me for next time.)

But all is not lost. A few weeks ago I was playing with some screen capture programs. I had downloaded a program called Jing to my computer and thought maybe that would work. As you can see it did and today I am feeling like I am a techgod…or at least a techdemigod. I used one program to solve a problem created when I didn’t understand another. Isn’t this what we are trying to get kids to do? Recognize a problem, look for solution, adjust for changes, and keep going?

Hot Tip – This tip isn’t really that hot, but since I am usually the one looking for tips, I am excited to have one to give. If you want to Wordle your standards (and who doesn’t want to spend more time looking at standards), make sure to take out words like “The student will…” or else you will end up with a Wordle with student being GIANT and everything else teeny-tiny. Also take out words like “etc.” or “and others.” They appear often in standards and will be prominent on the Wordle.


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